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Friday, October 21, 2016

Classic And Stylish Cashmere Shawls To Compliment Women’s Personality

There are versatile lines of clothing and accessories that the fashion brands come up with but nothing can beat the classy look of the cashmere products. The cashmere shawls, stoles, wraps, etc. look elegant and beautiful with any outfit in fall or winter season. They are hand woven available in seasonal colors and designs. Some are embroidered by the best artisans who are well versed in its weaving process too. This shawl will give a classic touch to your persona and will leave onlookers awestruck.
What makes cashmere first choice of women?
Some accessories are elegant and stylish and leave an impression as you walk into a party or social gathering at your office. One such product is cashmere shawls that have made its mark since time immemorial as right from royalty in olden times to the celebrities today have worn this beautiful warm shawl. Women can find the latest designs and colors on varied online shopping sites such as YoursElegantly that is providing the product at discounted rates on sale with a free customer appreciation gift. Here are some of the products one can look out for on the shopping site:

Ivory cashmere shawl Nepal dream:- Get the beautiful and elegant ivory 3-ply shawls that are soft and warm and will look perfect with an evening gown or party dress.

Vibrant silver grey Nepal shawl cashmere dream:- This warm and plush cashmere shawl is available in amazing silver grey color and it will suit every outfit be it casual or party wear. It is available at discounted price for limited time and the customers can even present it to their loved ones.
Wholesale 3-Ply cashmere wool shawls:- The wholesale cashmere shawls are available in the pack of 12 pieces and one can choose same or assorted varied shades. It is being provided at a special rate and its elegance will definitely give you gorgeous looks.

Moreover, many vibrant shades of the shawls are present on the online shopping site and would fit in your budget too.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pashmina Wraps Shawls- Versatile And Perfect Accessory For The Winter Season

Pashmina is a good investment in the wardrobe of women that she can actually wear and cherish for years as one can pass on beautiful pashmina wool wraps to the next generation if kept in good condition with good care. It is one of the more expensive wool shawls as it is derived from the distinct breeds of cashmere goat found in India and Nepal. It has emerged as a perfect brand name in the recent years and many manufacturers from these countries are supplying them within the country and even exporting them as it has been recognized on an international level too. Many products are made from this “Pashm” wool into shawls, stole or the beautiful pashmina wraps.
Incorporate Pashmina Wraps into your lifestyle
The pashmina products are nowadays available on many online shopping sites that offer them at reasonable prices and most of the times with the upcoming winter season, there is always a  discounted clearance sale that can range from 50% to 70% off making the shawls and wraps a good bargain.

Women can wear Pashmina wraps casual for daily wear as you can wear Pashmina Wraps with an evening party dress. They have become a great trendsetter nowadays as they are blended with silk to give it a shiny touch. These silk pashmina wraps look great for evening formal wear and women love them for a light year round evening wrap. Many pretty wraps are available these days on online shopping sites like Yours Elegantly that are gentle and soft on the skin.

One can wear the wraps made of Pashmina yarn over a party gown or dress as it will work as a great accessory and make you look elegant and classy.

The Pashmina Wraps can be worn casual chic over a jacket or coat even, most of them are also available in paisley beauty, unitone or two tone, and one can match them with any type of clothing. These are available in various colors and give an elegant stylish look as you drape it around your shoulder or wrap it around your neck in a stylish way.
The Pashmina shawls wraps are charming and elegant in their own way as some of them are designer wear with striking paisley flowery colorful designs and others are available with beautiful hand embroidery.

Lastly, Pashmina is the latest buzz in the fashion industry and most of the women prefer to purchase the Pashmina wool warm wraps for fall and winter and the silk pashmina wraps for spring and summer.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How To Differentiate A Real Pashmina From A Fake One?

We keep hearing about wool pashminas, silk pashminas, acrylic pashminas, viscose pashminas, and so many other types. What you see are varieties due to the market demand for value priced shawls. If you are looking for genuine warm pashmina wool shawls that are light yet warm and beautiful shop the sale at this online site Yourselegantly and stock up for the cold seasons.
What is a Pashmina?
Pashminas is a himalayan heritage with roots based in the foothills of himalayas. Carved out of the finest cashmere himalayan goat yarn, and woven by expert weavers and craftsmen on handlooms, they are dyed in non metallic dyes leading to a beautiful example of amazing shawl craftsmanship. A real pashmina is expensive does not have to be too expensive. Some retailers have huge retail markups and so it is good to find a reasonably priced online site with a great variety to choose from. Pricing also varies depending on whether it is pashmina wool shawl or pashmina silk shawl. Say for instance, if a cashmere thread has a size of 12 to 18 microns, especially coming from the belly of baby goats, then it is expensive. But if the same thread comes from an adult goat, with a size of 14 to 18 microns, then it is not as expensive. There are grades of yarn and so many factors such as handwork/embroidery involved that determine pricing.

Real V/S fake pashminas – How to identify?
The truest cashmere pashminas are extremely soft and wrinkle free. It is so soft & fine that it can even pass through a wedding ring with great ease showing no signs of distress. These ring pashminas are appreciated by a few real pashmina lovers. The masses tend to want to go with Pashmina blends for reasonable pricing and styling.

When you burn real pashminas strands, you have a sulphuric smell, with strands transforming into small balls. When you cool up these balls, they can be crushed easily into powder form. The reason being, cashmere is real hair full of calcium. On the other hand, fake Pashminas will burn out very fast and leave no smell at all. We do not recommend these tests as you will land up spoiling your shawl or hurting yourself.

Since real ones are handmade on handlooms, their woven structure does not allow the strands to be in proximity. As a matter of fact, they are loosely woven, due to lightly woven process. Additionally, Pashmina wool thread is extremely dull in appearance, so there wouldn’t be any shine even after dying. pashmina wool shawls are warm and beautiful in many seasonal colors. Women like a sheen on their evening shawls hence cashmere silk shawls have become popular and an in demand item. It is consumers and their choices that has led to the demand of many blends. Manufacturers have realized that pure Pashmina shawls are coveted by many consumers looking for luxurious warmth in winter but there are many others who want a value priced pashmina silk shawl for year round wear especially as the luster of the shawl due to the silk blended in makes for a great evening look. Today manufacturers are catering to the shawl demands of consumers and manufacturing many varieties in style, design, texture and degree of warmth.
No matter whether you are a fan of pure pashminas yarn, or want the fine blend, there are a broad range of pashminas items you can buy for yourself or for a unique gift. Why not opt for ecommerce stores like Yours Elegantly, having an extensive range of pashminas items. Adding to its charm is good service, prompt delivery from CT and they are ready to take your orders on the phone at 860-355-4184.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Get A Luxurious And Warm Touch With Cashmere Wraps Shawls

Cashmere products have made their mark in the world with their luxurious warmth as it is one of the finest yarns out of which the manufacturers make the products like cashmere shawls, wraps, stole, etc. It is derived from the four different breeds of the cashmere goats that are found in India and Nepal. It has emerged as a brand name in the recent years and most of the manufacturers are exporting the product to the worldwide fashion houses.
Increasing Charm of Cashmere Products
The cashmere products have their mark on international platform as everyone especially women like to invest in this lifelong investment. It can be passed on from generation to generation and the young generation too adores the fine cashmere products. One can even give the cashmere wraps as a gift or on your loved one’s wedding occasion. Brides love a white or ivory cashmere wrap and many brides gift cashmere wraps to their bridesmaids. You can call YoursElegantly and get a great deal on a bulk buy. If you need just one or two the online sale is amazing.

It gives a luxurious look to your persona as you drape it around any of your outfits whether it is a casual or a formal wear. It is also available on many shopping sites like YoursElegantly that too at a discounted rate with free delivery in USA with prompt and user-friendly service. Here are some of the points that make it a must have in your wardrobe:

It is one of the luxurious and rich products that one can possess as it comes from the rare breed of the goats that are found in Himalayan region and the products are made from the undercoat that is being shed by the goats.

There is a lot of effort involve from the side of artisans and the entire making process right from collecting the yarn in the raw form and passing it through different processes to get the finest fiber that is soft and plush. You can buy cashmere wool wraps for ultimate warmth. They are even blended with silk to give it a shiny tint and durability.

The cashmere wraps purchased from online cashmere wrap sites are durable and do not fade away with the passage of time but is long lasting as the time passes and looks charming and stunning as you wear it on different occasions.

Lastly, if the cashmere products are kept in a great way with appropriate care by storing them in a plastic bag or cloth they will look great for a long time, a good investment of your money.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Do Cashmere Scarves And Wraps Really Protect You On a Cold Winter Day

Women and men will vouch that cashmere scarves with their winter coats afford ultimate soft warmth and protection from the winter chill. The 4 ply warmth of a thick warm cashmere scarf is beautiful, stylish and comfortable.  These unisex cashmere scarves are the perfect gift for the Holidays as there is no such thing as too many cashmere scarves.
Cashmere though a very light yarn when woven in 4 ply layers does get to be warm though not bulky like pure sheep wool. This is because cashmere is not sheep wool it is a different mountain goat wool especially the under layers are very fine and warm as these goats are reared at very high altitudes like in the Himalayas. India and Nepal along with Inner Mongolia are top producers of cashmere scarves and other cashmere accessories.

A cashmere wrap is a large rectangle typically 25” x 72” or larger 30” x 80” and a wraps gives wide protection and is a must have for women in three seasons that are cold. Fall is cool so 2 ply cashmere wraps are good then it gets rapidly cold and winter is very cold especially in the north east and mid west in the USA so 4 ply cashmere wraps are in demand. Then it is cool again in spring and the 2 ply cashmere wraps are good enough.

So if you are a woman living in the USA, Canada, Europe there are 3 cool to cold seasons so having a bunch of 2 ply cashmere wraps and then the warmer 4 ply cashmere wraps will keep you warm, well protected and in good health as a result. There is nothing worse than a cold/flu so having cashmere scarves and wraps in your car, for travel, for the office or cashmere evening wraps is a necessity really.
Solid cashmere wraps are popular some women love embroidered warm wraps, handcrafted unique evening wraps and designer cashmere pashmina paisley wraps. There is something for everyone’s taste at Yours Elegantly as the selection for all the seasons are vast and unique. The 50% -70% off sale gives you good deals and you can therefore stock up for Holiday gifts which are shipped from CT USA. Shop this unique online site today or place a phone order at 860-355-4184. Need help matching wraps  to dresses for the bridesmaids or for your evening wrap needs email sales@yourselegantly.com and get really friendly and good assistance.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Pashm Or Pashmina Wool Shawls Are What Women Want For Gifts

Women love the softness, the lightness yet beautiful deep warmth of Pashmina shawls. Buy evening shawls in Pashmina wool warmth so your fall, winter and spring season accessory needs are well taken care of. Pashmina scarves and wraps are what women want! Buy this on sale as a  unique gift that women will cherish.
Yours Elegantly has Pashmina wool shawls for everyone so many colors, rich designs, handcrafted beauty and embroidered splendor. A site that carries a wide variety of yarns for all seasons. Chiffon silk and silk Pashminas wraps for warmer seasons and Pashmina wool wraps as well as cashmere shawls for cooler and cold weather. Pashminas make unique gifts! Watch her smile when you gift her this household name.

Yes, Pashmina has become a brand name it originally referred to the pashm yarn from the Changthangi mountain goat. Why is it so popular? Cause every woman wants one for its soft warm appeal and wants one in her budget so the Pashmina Industries have realized that catering to everyone’s needs is important and that increases the demand for the product so today there are so many types available in the market. Solids, paisleys, embroidered, embellished, woven, knitted and more… India, Nepal and Inner Mongolia carry the nicest Pashmina wool wraps. For some women it is about the Pashm yarn and its qualities that women have given it so much of their attention.
Handcrafted pashmina wraps are in demand at Yours Elegantly because they have unique seasonal patterns that are so trendy and unique that women buying these know they have a beautiful original piece that is all theirs! Beautiful shawls are a rare find hence getting designer shawls at a reasonable price is what this site endeavors towards. So shop the sale on shawls and stock up now.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pashmina Wool Shawls Are What Women Need For Cold Weather

Pashmina wool is light, very warm and perfect to ward off the cool weather in fall and even the cold winter chill. As it is soft light yet protective it is wonderful for the cool spring air so your buying a Pashmina wool wrap is a great idea so that you can use it in three long cool to cold weather seasons and get so much use out of your purchase. Women love being practical most of the time when making a purchase. At times though they also like to indulge in an impulse buy if they find a unique shawl wrap that they would treasure.
Looking for a wrap for an older woman like your mother or an aunt try the gift of pashmina wraps and you will be so happy to see her face light up at your thoughtful and unique gift. Women love the warmth and drape of a pashmina wool wrap in all its beautiful colors and designs.

Even the youngsters at college wear pashmina scarves in seasonal solid colors and paisley weaves. This has become a popular brand name worldwide. It originated as a depiction of the yarn the pashm wool from the high altitude mountain goats.

Brides often love to wear a wedding pashmina shawls. A white or ivory bridal pashmina is so amazing for any season. Often silk pashminas are bought as they are silken with sheen and look amazing in spring and summer as well as part of fall. Thereafter, a winter wedding needs pashmina wool shawls for soft luxurious protection for the bride and her bridesmaids too.
Sites like Yours Elegantly sell shawls wraps and scarves of all kinds of yarn from wool to cashmere pashmina to chiffon silk, lace, netted shawls and burnt silk wraps. These fashion accessories are popular amongst women so much so that men search far and wide for  warm winter wool shawls and wraps on sale so they can gift a couple to the women in their family and friends too. They are available retail and wholesale at this site and the good thing is they answer calls and emails so good service is assured. They ship on a very timely basis from CT with a small gift with every order. A nice touch so shop today and buy shawls and wraps for yourself or as unique gifts for any occasion including holiday gifts.

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