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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

3 Ways To Fix Right Kind Of Knot With Wool Scarves

Scarves are a wonderful accessory for both men and women. Especially, when it comes to wool scarves meant to provide protection against winter. You will find wool scarves made up of different material ranging from cotton, polyester, silk, wool, and cashmere. But how do you tie them after buying them? One way might be ideal for one person, but not for others. Let us check various tying ways matching right occasion in terms of color, and fabric.

Balance knot is a knot ideal for winter scarves clothing. These wool scarves are such that will go perfectly well on loose outer wears. They are targeted towards reducing the dominating appeal of jackets, and add a certain kind of right balance between beauty and comfort. The most suitable environment for such a knot is wearing it outdoors. Choose between bright colors of green, orange, or pink for women and classic black, beige, camel brown, navy and grey for men.

If you are young enough, you have many choices. For men, stable colors like dark brown and navy will go brilliantly well. Even grid style is a wonderful choice. It goes like this, wrap scarf around the neck, and makes a cross through knot, with front end going around the neck, while end wrapping from behind. Ensure to keep equal length from both ends for maintaining right balance. The knot should pass through the gap between neck and scarf.

Another knot popular with wool scarves is slim knot. Make use of solid colors to have wool scarves go well over turtle neck sweaters, or other sweaters. Such knot goes appropriately well with a coat. Choosing a wool scarf in two colors is a good choice especially when wore over sweater coat or low neck sweater coat. To tie it, wrap around the neck, and another in the front. It is an effortless way of tying knot needing least efforts.

Graceful knot is an ideal choice for square wool scarves. When choosing pattern scarves in place, choose solid color shirts, and patterned shirts to match them. Office is the best place to tie this knot. Purple colored scarves look great with a coat of light color. There are four steps to tie this knot. First fold wool scarves into triangle and roll from longer edge. There has to be enough space for next step. Have a triangle shape on chest and remaining in back. Make adjustment.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How To Shop Quickly And Efficiently at Yours Elegantly

Online sites like Yours Elegantly specializing in shawls and wraps of all yarns and styles for your seasonal wear as well as affordable spring summer and winter cashmere scarves have a lot to offer. Shopping here is a one stop shop as they also carry tunic tops, evening bags and affordable crystal Murano gemstone jewelry. Women love this site for the unique handcrafted shawls, embroidered wraps, men love the solid and plaid cashmere scarves so it is important to know how to navigate this site quickly to find what you want.
The search box on the top right hand corner is an ideal shopping too. If you want a blue shawl just put blue shawl or just blue. If you want a red tunic put that in search box. The “Shop By Color” tab in the categories bar is so lovely for those who want to see shawls in a certain color option but not sure of the shade. There are boxes with color options you can click to see all items in that color. If  you click the red color box all red color products show helping you see your options. I love this shopping tool to help find products faster.

Use the shop by color tab online  at Yours Elegantly – makes shopping easy.

The categories are easy so in winter just click on the “Winter Shawls Ruana Wraps”  tab and under it there are solid shawls, designer shawls, faux fur, handcrafted and embroidered as subcategories so if you know what you want it makes shopping easy. If you don’t know exactly what kind of shawl you want browsing this section and its subcategories will give you good ideas for a beautiful shawl to compliment your outfit. There is a separate category for Winter Scarves, for Pashmina, for bridal bridesmaids shawls and pashmina wedding favors and for dressy evening shawls. Remember there are subcategories  too making it easy to shop.  For a chiffon evening shawl go under Dressy Evening Shawls and choose the subcategory Chiffon shawls. That way you see options in the shawl type you want to buy.

The best thing to do is add shawls to shopping cart to narrow down your options later you can remove the ones you do not want. When buying shawls check out the bags and jewelry at this one stop affordable online site for unique gifts for women. Orders over $50 get free shipping within the USA The order that are less than $50.00 have the advantage of low flat rate shipping at $4.99 even if you buy more than one item. There are many quicker and expedited overnight shipping options available.

Orders ship from CT USA with a gift a small token of our customer appreciation. There is a coupon code YES10 that gives you an extra 10% off over and above the 50% -70% off sale.  You will get an order confirmation by email and another shipping notification when it ships per the option you chose in your online order. So shop and enjoy an easy breezy shopping experience. Best of all phone orders and customer service is available at 860-355-4184 or email sales@yourselegantly.com  and get a quick response.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Cotton Tunics With Long Sleeves For Women

Women love cool cotton tunics in spring and summer particularly. It is true that many women wear cotton tunics year round. Customers of Yours Elegantly an online tunic site call in to stock up on dark shades in cotton tunics for fall and winter and the long sleeves is so welcome for those seasons. In summer long sleeved cotton tunics keep you protected from the intense heat, cotton tunics from India are so cool and comforting as well as chic in style. Designers worldwide have taken like a magnet to Indian tunic tops and Indian artisans have designs that are unique and artistic. Indian tunics do not cost a high price as India is “land of Textiles” and labor is inexpensive making the tunics affordable elegance.

Women of all sizes, shapes and from all walks of life whether a career woman, a mother, a grandmother all love cotton kurtis an Indian word for the lose flowing Indian tunics that is now a household name thanks to high fashion clothing designers. Models and celebrities have since past decade sported tunics and they have become a worldwide popular clothing item.

Short tunics, long knee length tunics with leggings, short sleeved tunics and the in demand long sleeve cotton tunics are what women want for gifts. So for valentines day, weddings, anniversarie buy your special woman friend or relative tunic tops that she will cherish. Sized according to the American size chart Indian tunics sold in USA are just the right gift. Which woman would not love to hide any trouble areas or look cool and beautiful in the en vogue style and comfort of a fashionable tunic kurti. We all crave tunics in many colors and styles and cotton rules year round.

No matter if you are a plus size woman, or petite women tunics look amazing and give your persona an appealing elegance. Casual summer tunics with jeans or shorts are perfect while vacationing as they are versatile as beach cover ups. Great for travel comfort tunics are ideal for a car ride or flight. Buy one today and experience the magical beauty of a woman’s embroidered long sleeve cotton.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Wedding Shawls Shawl for Bridesmaids Wedding Party Wraps

If you are having a wedding no matter what the season have a beautiful ivory white wedding shawl or a winter wedding wrap is so important. Buy shawls for bridesmaids in colors matching the wedding theme on sale at deep discounts and get a customer appreciation gift at Yours Elegantly.

The Mother of the bride and Mother of the groom need shawls too. Shawls for the entire bridal party are a good idea. Many brides love Pashmina shawls as wedding favors. What a lovely colorful touch to make the wedding elegant and unique. Drape the pashmina wedding favors over chairs, lay them in baskets or on a fancy rack be creative – the wedding planner has many ideas on this.

Yours Elegantly is your online shawls site buy retail as an individual or if you are a wedding planner or event planner buy on wholesale. Great customer service and prompt shipping from CT USA keeps you stress free. Call 860-355-4184 or email sales@yourselegantly.com A wedding shawl must be unique so the handcrafted shawls made in 1-2 days by artists and designers at Yours Elegantly with flowery vines, silvery or gold sparkles and seasonal elegant motifs lends a unique touch to the bridal dress and completes it while keeping the bride comfortable in case the weather turns cool.
Having a beach wedding shawls are always a necessity as the air is crispy cool and taking pictures takes time and if the bride and bridesmaids have shawls and wraps for light coverage there will be many happy smiles. Make the wedding as beautiful and complete as possible by thinking about these fine points for the bridal party hence shawls is a must buy for brides and bridesmaids. Yours Elegantly has beautiful wedding shawls shades of colors, designs, amazing solid pashmina silk shawls and cashmere wraps something for all seasons. Their staff love to assist so please do not hesitate.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Buy Pashmina Shawls And Wraps Retail and Wholesale For Any Occasion

Today women want shawls and wraps as the finishing touch for an outfit especially in unpredictable weather.  Individual customers love Pashmina on retail especially at deep discounts. Resellers, event planners, wedding planners love wholesale pashmina so they can have a good resale margin.

Pashminas also enriches the overall appearance of a woman to a more fashionable look and gives her soft protection if the weather turns cool which happens in fall winter and spring. Shawls come to the rescue and are hence the most wanted gift for the Holidays, for Valentines, Birthdays, weddings most of all. Brides love a beautiful white wedding shawl or an ivory cashmere wrap. Shawls for bridesmaids are a must have especially as the girls are so precious and the bride wants them looking and feeling good.  Pashmina wedding favors can be bought on wholesale – drape the Pashmina wraps and shawls on chairs for guests or leave them in multicolored beauty in baskets it adds enchantment to a wedding to make the event one to remember.

Women of all ages love shawls and wraps. A shawl is generally a rectangular shape but these days many women love the triangle shawls, square scarf wraps and most of all in cold weather the bigger wider and longer Ruana wrap is in demand. It gives ultimate warmth, comfort and a sleek stylish look to a woman of any age. I have seen teens, women in the twenties and thirties as well as middle aged women and the more mature sixty plus woman wear a warm Ruana wrap in winter and a chiffon light wrap in spring and summer for that beautiful look that is assured with this accessory. Once you try it you will surely buy more and Yours Elegantly has amazing ones on sale in solid colors and designer beauty.

Fashion shawls can be chiffon silk for the warmer seasons and cashmere pashmina wool for the cooler and cold winter time. Women love seasonal colors pastels in spring, bright summer colors for warm weather fashion scarves and dark shades for winter wraps.

There is a lot to choose from over thousand designs colors in beautiful seasonal accessories with free shipping specials on orders over $50.00 and a gift with each order. This site is unique, customer oriented and prompt to ship from CT USA so shop till you drop as you will love the seasonal scarves wraps and shawls also remember to stock up for affordable yet impressive gifts. Men do love cashmere scarves and women cherish cashmere pashmina wool shawls. There is something for those of you that have exclusive high end taste and a higher budget as well as for those looking for affordable bargains.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Winter Cashmere Scarves Are A Great Way To Add A Funky Look To Personality

Cashmere scarves have been around since ages with an equal popularity among men and women. When you buy such cashmere scarves, nothing else will do. The importance of such scarves cannot be disregarded as they are considered to be the ultimate practical clothing items, becoming a style statement for most seasons.
The main purpose of Cashmere scarves has always been and will always be to give protective comfort during winter or chilling cold winds. It has undergone a lot of modifications with time, with such scarves acting as a great accessory. From just being a mere puzzle, it has become one of the most important parts of a man and woman’s wardrobe for cool to cold seasons. Cashmere silk scarves are ideal for summer wear.

One such recent cashmere scarf trend is a plaid trend. Wearing plain colored scarves is classic and a favorite of most men and women as they are easy to match or contrast with your wardrobe. Most people go for a plaid one because it is wonderful to wear such plaid scarves with different outfits, giving a wonderful blend of uplifting colors to the outfit. For men, plaid cashmere scarves is all about looking more masculine and in style.

People, who like to go for a distinctive classy look or a grunge or a punk style, prefer to opt for plaid cashmere winter scarves as there are so many plaid designs and colors offered. The preference of such people is a combination of red and black, navy and blue, grey and black, dark brown and beige or a mix and match of colors for a stylish appeal. You cannot deny the fact that clothes and accessories matter to men and women. Main thing is the overall personality exuded from wearing a smart scarf to uplift your wardrobe. So stock up for yourself and for cashmere scarves as unique unisex gifts today.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

5 Top Winter Scarves Colors Meant For All

A winter scarf for men is something to give some thought to, especially since men do love warm cashmere scarves for fall winter and spring which are three seasons of the year. It might seem a real small accessory, but when a winter scarf is put on with simple smart clothing, it makes a major impact on the overall appearance of men. Let us have a look at the colors that can make a big difference in transforming the way men looks.

1. Camel color indicates a calm tone, essentially indicating stability and reliability. Hence, it is an ideal choice for white collar people, especially bosses and managers.

2. Beige color with a light texture is a wonderful choice displaying steady character, and an ideal choice for people bored of dark tones, leading to a lively steady balance.

3. Burgundy color symbolizes masculinity, confidence and charm. The look can be dashing, to make you stand out in a crowd.

4. Twin colors with the likes of navy and blue is a wonderful alternative for a twin color combo. Navy blue scarves go very well with most outwear. Navy represents steadiness in character, while light blue ones bring in a young breath of fresh air. Hence, having a combined effect of both represents a perfect blend of cool personality.

5. White even ivory white scarves deliver a star image, a classy touch for day and evening wear. It is a favorable color among models and celebrities, and an eye catching color among the streets of Europe, USA, Australia, Canada... Being an evergreen color, you will never feel out of date or misplaced among others. Although it is a prominent color in the USA and Europe, white colored winter scarves are as much popular across the globe.

Although we had a brief discussion on five popular colors among winter scarves, the list can go on and on, depending on what your favorite colors are and what suits you the best. The best part about this whole winter scarves thing is you can experiment and see which one looks best on you.

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