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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Pashm Or Pashmina Wool Shawls Are What Women Want For Gifts

Women love the softness, the lightness yet beautiful deep warmth of Pashmina shawls. Buy evening shawls in Pashmina wool warmth so your fall, winter and spring season accessory needs are well taken care of. Pashmina scarves and wraps are what women want! Buy this on sale as a  unique gift that women will cherish.
Yours Elegantly has Pashmina wool shawls for everyone so many colors, rich designs, handcrafted beauty and embroidered splendor. A site that carries a wide variety of yarns for all seasons. Chiffon silk and silk Pashminas wraps for warmer seasons and Pashmina wool wraps as well as cashmere shawls for cooler and cold weather. Pashminas make unique gifts! Watch her smile when you gift her this household name.

Yes, Pashmina has become a brand name it originally referred to the pashm yarn from the Changthangi mountain goat. Why is it so popular? Cause every woman wants one for its soft warm appeal and wants one in her budget so the Pashmina Industries have realized that catering to everyone’s needs is important and that increases the demand for the product so today there are so many types available in the market. Solids, paisleys, embroidered, embellished, woven, knitted and more… India, Nepal and Inner Mongolia carry the nicest Pashmina wool wraps. For some women it is about the Pashm yarn and its qualities that women have given it so much of their attention.
Handcrafted pashmina wraps are in demand at Yours Elegantly because they have unique seasonal patterns that are so trendy and unique that women buying these know they have a beautiful original piece that is all theirs! Beautiful shawls are a rare find hence getting designer shawls at a reasonable price is what this site endeavors towards. So shop the sale on shawls and stock up now.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pashmina Wool Shawls Are What Women Need For Cold Weather

Pashmina wool is light, very warm and perfect to ward off the cool weather in fall and even the cold winter chill. As it is soft light yet protective it is wonderful for the cool spring air so your buying a Pashmina wool wrap is a great idea so that you can use it in three long cool to cold weather seasons and get so much use out of your purchase. Women love being practical most of the time when making a purchase. At times though they also like to indulge in an impulse buy if they find a unique shawl wrap that they would treasure.
Looking for a wrap for an older woman like your mother or an aunt try the gift of pashmina wraps and you will be so happy to see her face light up at your thoughtful and unique gift. Women love the warmth and drape of a pashmina wool wrap in all its beautiful colors and designs.

Even the youngsters at college wear pashmina scarves in seasonal solid colors and paisley weaves. This has become a popular brand name worldwide. It originated as a depiction of the yarn the pashm wool from the high altitude mountain goats.

Brides often love to wear a wedding pashmina shawls. A white or ivory bridal pashmina is so amazing for any season. Often silk pashminas are bought as they are silken with sheen and look amazing in spring and summer as well as part of fall. Thereafter, a winter wedding needs pashmina wool shawls for soft luxurious protection for the bride and her bridesmaids too.
Sites like Yours Elegantly sell shawls wraps and scarves of all kinds of yarn from wool to cashmere pashmina to chiffon silk, lace, netted shawls and burnt silk wraps. These fashion accessories are popular amongst women so much so that men search far and wide for  warm winter wool shawls and wraps on sale so they can gift a couple to the women in their family and friends too. They are available retail and wholesale at this site and the good thing is they answer calls and emails so good service is assured. They ship on a very timely basis from CT with a small gift with every order. A nice touch so shop today and buy shawls and wraps for yourself or as unique gifts for any occasion including holiday gifts.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Choosing A Ruana Wrap Or a Cashmere Shawl Wrap

Some women don’t know the difference between a Ruana Wrap and a Shawl Wrap. The long wide with mock neckline Ruana, poncho-style wrap has been in style for cool weather since a couple decades now. It protects you from cold wind and  also makes you look in style. So buy this fall winter and spring essential women’s accessory wrap on sale online. With the mock neckline it stays in place with long / wide coverage and ensures a sleek look too for the petite and larger sizes. Hence its popularity with women of all sizes, age groups worldwide. If you have not tried a wool Ruana try one and be prepared to buy more as its appeal is infinite for most women. A shawl wrap is a large rectangular wrap casual or dressy in many yarns and style and women are mostly familiar with a shawl especially for evening wear over their dresses and gowns.
Decision to Buy a Ruana Or Shawl Wrap

The difference is that the shawl is a large rectangular accessory with or without fringe. It drapes over your shoulders and can be worn with its fringed ends loose flowing or put together with a shawl pin as it can slide off. A Ruana is larger wider and with a mock neckline to keep it in place.
Ruana wraps  are very popular with women from all walks of life. They look beautiful in warm solid colors or designer weaves.  They have a high style about them and look great over jeans and casual attire as well as with an evening dress. However for a dressy evening look a shawl wrap is a dainty elegant way to go. An off shoulder wrap shawl carries classy appeal. It can be sheer or warm and you can wear it in many ways. Both have ease of wear so women love them both!

Black Ruana Wrap for every Woman: Regardless of your age, a black Ruana seems to be a hot favorite with women. Many women like colors like navy, burgundy, grey, red, green for their warm accessories. So, no matter the occasion casual or dressy a black warm ruana makes for a stylish accessory to complete your beautiful look and add warmth and protection in the cool seasons. It matches almost any outfit so you get a lot of use too.

Thick Warm Ruana Wrap for Older Women

For older women a thicker warmer 4 ply ruana shawl wrap available in classic colors is a must have especially at a deeply discounted sale price – buy ruana wraps online so you can get great deals. Solid color ruana wraps have great appeal some women do like colorful ruanas so the choice is yours to make. Warm cashmere wraps shawls mostly from India, Nepal, Mongolia, UK are soft, warm and beautifully designed shawls that have a definite appeal to women who want a distinctive look. 4 ply cashmere shawls are a woman’s delight.

From Where To Buy Warm Winter Wool Ruana Wraps

Women love good reasonable sale pricing when they buy online clothing and accessories. Warm winter ruana wraps are popular with women as they have all around — front, back and side— coverage. Some women prefer shopping ruana shawls from a retail store so they can touch and feel the yarn and try it out too. Others find it a waste of their time to stand in lines at the mall or a store and love shopping online for their shawls and wraps.  Refer to online testimonials on the site before you purchase anything from an online store. Ensure good service and a wide variety so shopping that site is worth your time.
Warm winter Ruana wraps are plush accessories akin to shawl wraps but just longer wider and with ability to stay on your shoulders rather than slip off as shawls tend to do. They have casual elegance about them! There are a variety of ruana wraps and beautiful all season shawls available for sale online, make sure that you buy them from a good online site that cares. Yours Elegantly is known for great service, a huge variety and reasonable pricing too. Shop this unique shawl wrap site today! Get a great deal with Coupon Code YES10. They send a small gift in your order to show they care!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cashmere Pashmina Wraps Beautiful For Cold Weather

Want to look beautiful in cold weather then try a Cashmere Pashmina Wrap - buy it on sale and stock up for your fall winter and spring wardrobe with delightful colors and paisley reversible warm wraps to make you feel warm and look fashionably elegant. De stress and buy shawls on sale online at stores that have low resale margins, a huge variety, great service, ship orders promptly from within the U.S. and give you a customer appreciation gift. That’s the shopping experience with a difference!
Enjoy solid color Cashmere Pashmina Wraps or designer colorful paisley flowery soft weaves. Make a style statement that is all about you. Wear a solid color wrap with an intricate outfit or a designer paisley wrap with a simple outfit to dress it up. The feel of the shawl and it’s warmth is beautiful. Moreover, Cashmere Wraps rank high on a woman’s gift list especially for the Holidays. Cashmere wraps make the ideal accessory to your outfit. Numerous stores online, such as Yours Elegantly are offering them at 50% - 70% off on retail and deeply discounted on wholesale. They ship timely from CT USA. It’s shopping made easy with great phone and email assistance as the staff are friendly and caring.
Why Cashmere Wraps

A Cashmere Wrap speaks volumes about you and your dress sense and style. It upgrades a simple dress to high style luxurious appeal. By draping a cashmere  wrap in a stylish way you can acquire a classy look instantly. Besides, unlike hefty and bulky winter clothing, the lightness of Cashmere gives it that special appeal. Beautiful cashmere wraps appeal to all women no matter their age or fashion sense - their appeal is classic and eternal so it makes a fabulous gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bridesmaids shawl gifts and holiday gifts.

Stand out In style with a warm luxurious cashmere wrap

The elegance of a woman is often measured by what she wears and how she carries it. Cashmere wraps have that je ne sais pas quality to them. Shawls and wraps these days can be worn in so many ways and are available in solid, paisley, embroidered, handcrafted designs so there is something for every woman’s unique taste especially at Yours Elegantly.

Here are 3 useful tips to help you enhance your style with Cashmere wraps.

Tip 1: When a woman dresses up for a special occasion her mind is set on looking beautiful, graceful and elegant. It is true that a soft warm beautiful cashmere shawls wrap is one such accessory that can completely transform her attire to look classy and gorgeous especially in fall, winter and spring. Try learning a style or two in wearing a wrap shawl distinctively and make heads turn.

Tip 2: Have a simple career suit dress it up with some classic black, navy, beige, ivory cream, burgundy red, silver grey or dark grey cashmere wraps and feel warm and confident at the office. They make the best travel wraps so carry one in your car, on a flight and while vacationing.  A range of colors is available in cashmere wraps so  you can pick your choice of color and add life to any simple ensemble.
Tip 3: With a beautiful Cashmere accessory, you can flex your creative mind and achieve unique style looks like a bohemian appeal, a casual elegance, dressy extravagance whatever you desire. Also ranging from fringe to fringeless or a small eyelash fringe to a light 2 ply or a heavier 4 ply these soft warm winter wraps come in delightful colors and shades  to please your creative style mood. Pick one that becomes you, expresses your persona, character and creative bent to make you feel and look confident and beautiful.

Cashmere Wraps have endless appeal very soft in texture and warmth for cold weather they are “three season wraps” so  a worthwhile investment especially at a good sale price. Shop and buy cashmere wraps online and enjoy a good deal today!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Past And Present Of Cashmere Wraps

Cashmere took the fascination of Indian emperors and the absolute origin of the cashmere yarn was in Kashmir – India. Did you know that the past history of Cashmere wraps dates back to the 15th century with the Ruler of Kashmir named Zayn -Ul- Abidin and his passion for cashmere and his cashmere weavers. Kashmir had a decent cashmere industry by the 19th century. The cashmere shawl as they called it was a prized possession of the emperors and the rich. In the later years it is France that started their cashmere industries, leading to the trading of the raw cashmere yarn between Asia and Europe. Cashmere wraps were gaining popularity and became a sought after accessory.
It is by 1830 that the French produced cashmere yarn weaving became an Industry in Scotland. From Paisley in Scotland the jacquard shawl became so very affordable and popular that it had to be mass produced and so Scotland became a leading manufacturer of cashmere wraps. Even though history shows the cashmere origin in Kashmir, India and Nepal – it was so pricey that it was reserved for the Royalty and wealthy. The cashmere wraps were hand spun in solid colors and in jamawar / paisley weaves. Today the largest manufacturers of cashmere accessories are India that accounts for clips of 10,000 metric tons per year of cashmere wool. Next is Inner Mongolia at 3000 metric tons per year followed by Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey  and other Asian countries. It is noteworthy that in the U.S. the town of Uxbridge, MA was the pioneer for first power loom for the wool Industries. Capron Mills had its first power loom in 1820 which was later burnt in a fire on July 21st 2007 which was most unfortunate.

Cashmere has been treated as the luxurious ultimate yarn for accessories like cashmere wraps, shawls, gloves, blanket throws  in addition to beautiful cashmere dresses, sweaters, coats that today’s fashion Industry cannot get enough of. The Capra Hircus Himalayan mountain goat sheds its underfur namely “Cashmere Pashmina wool” which is very soft yet ultra- warm. This is then hand collected and goes through a full process of converting it into cashmere wraps and other accessories. Cashmere comes in many grades of cashmere A, B, C, & D and the better the quality especially A grade the higher the price. Having said that even B, C, & D grade cashmere is very soft and beautiful in feel and warmth. The price also is determined by the country of origin, the shipping costs, customs duty, dyeing/manufacturing process, design, color combinations, embellishment on shawls & wraps.
Today in addition to solid cashmere scarves & wraps there are designer paisley cashmere wraps and handcrafted seasonal wraps that are original and beautiful for women who love unique wrap shawls. Handcrafted accents on shawls add to the cost but you are assured a rare cashmere shawl to cherish. It is prudent to shop shawl sites online that have a wide variety of colors, designer weaves, embroidered cashmere wraps available at a good sale price. Online shawl sites keep their overheads low and hence the resale margin is low too leading to consumers getting cost effective deals. So shop and save today. Buy Holiday cashmere wraps that are popular and sought after on sale so you can stock up.

Paisley Shawls Can Be Silken Soft And Beautiful For Year Round Wear

Women find the beautiful Paisley shawls that originated in design from the ancient Emperors of India very beautiful and the unitone paisley is a classic shawl with universal appeal. The two tone paisleys are either two color tones in the same color like a royal blue and navy or multicolored paisley shawls with designer elegance.
The Paisley is a design  that originated in India and manufacturers in India have been evolving on the simple paisley design so much so that today the paisley shawls  are an intricate designer master piece. The pashmina and silk shawl wrap is so fine, silken soft and wonderful on the skin even for sensitive skins. The sheen is just a hint of sheen so you can confidently wear it as a day wrap or an elegant evening pashmina wrap.

Paisley silk pashmina shawls are such a big hit with women worldwide. Some of the designer paisleys from India are in a thicker ply or layer of yarn so they are not only warmer for fall like weather but also reverse into a different colorful weave so you feel like you have 2 shawls for one low sale price. Yours Elegantly has designer paisley shawls in beautiful patterns to make you stand out in the crowd. A huge selection ensures you will find a shawl that appeals to you.

If you  have a simple evening dress accentuate with a paisley wrap shawl and look delightful in seconds. Such is the beauty of this shawl it adds a stylish touch to any casual jeans and shirt outfit or makes an evening gown dressy and beautiful.
In fall the seasonal paisley colorful shawls are a huge favorite and women find them very appealing especially when they shop online and find designer Pashmina wraps & shawls at a fraction of the price. Remember what fashion designers opine about the fashion scarf – if you need a touch of style add on a scarf and some bling. This is true nothing adds a sense of flair like a scarf and some crystal jewelry.

Yours Elegantly has designers and artists to make handcrafted designs and silver shimmery beauty on the paisley shawls to add that je ne said pas unbelievable beauty to them. Makes the shawls original and an amazing gift idea. Try one today.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Pashmina Wrap Is An Elegant Accent To Any Outfit

The Pashmina Wrap is made from “Pashm” or wool in Persian – specific underfur of the Himalayan mountain goat that sheds its hair. This Pashm yarn is soft and warm as goats are reared at high altitudes and have developed this protective underfur. This is  collected on the hill slopes of Nepal and the Nepal Pashmina Industry used to hand spin these into shawls. Now with mechanization machine made bulk shawls are catering to the mass demand. The weaving of the yarn into beautiful Pure Pashmina Shawls Wraps Scarves was and is a major Industry in Nepal, India and Inner Mongolia which are considered top producers of Cashmere Pashmina. It is noteworthy that depending on what part of the goat hair is used the grade of Pashm or Pashmina yarn varies and so does price. As the world now considers Pashmina also a brand name manufacturers have starting bulk producing silk pashmina shawls for evening wear which are cost effective compared to pure pashmina wool shawls.

The advantage of a Pashmina wool wrap is that Pashminas are warm light and soft but yet very protective. Today’s women are always on the move and need light warm luxurious wraps for their travel, to the office and as evening wraps.

Women love soft warmth in fall, winter and spring and are willing to pay a higher price for Pashmina wraps. These wraps are great for sensitive skin too. Women are astute customers and look for online shawl deals so they can get a discounted sale price, buy when online sites are clearancing overstocks and stock up for Holiday and other gifts. Nothing compares to gifting a unique Pashmina wrap in seasonal colors and paisley designs.

It is necessary for every woman  to have evening wraps, formal shawl wraps to cover their shoulders any time of year. Wraps are a beautiful focal point to an evening outfit hence women are always looking for stylish elegant wraps. Many women stock up on Pashmina scarves and wraps at the beginning of a season as it is an easy affordable way to refresh their wardrobe at a low cost. Besides women know how a lovely wrap or scarf can enhance their stylish appeal at the office or an evening out. A beautiful Pashmina wrap can magically change your look and make head’s turn while keeping you luxuriously warm and confident in any season. 

If women had to choose a favorite gift it would the Pashmina. It is one of the most treasured accessories so many men know a Pashmina would make a great gift for the special women in their lives. Buying some basic colors in shawls or special colors that are her favorite is always sure to please her.

There are several different ways that you can wear shawls and wraps. Try a loose flowing look for casual day wear or a wrap around for added warmth. Women love to use their Pashmina wraps as long scarves over their winter coat this is a great idea! Buy shawls on sale online and stores like Yours Elegantly have good service, take phone orders, an amazing selection of many seasonal colors in shawls wraps with designer weaves. All orders ship timely with a gift from CT USA. Shop now!

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