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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Buy Beautiful Ruana Wraps that stay in place

Beautiful Ruana Wraps that stay in place for warmth, so ideal for spring but also come in handy in fall and winter as warm cape wraps or long scarves. Women that are very tall love Ruanas Wraps - it has become a huge fashion statement and petite women have developed a strong liking to them too. They love to wear them for their length and wide coverage as it enhances the silhouette for a classy chic look.

The V cut at the neckline keeps the Ruana wrap in place with all round wonderful coverage and you can wear it with the middle split in front or drape one side over the opposite shoulder for a snug look. Ruffled Ruana Wraps are so in style and are classics really. Women don’t tire of them for some reason. The fringed ones are longer, wider, warmer and hot favorites for the cold weather.

The warm wool Ruanas are a good value as women love them to lounge in them indoors, great for travel wraps and on vacation. They look formal and stylish at the office and beautiful for day and evening wear! So versatile that women crave a wrap like this as a gift! Try one today you will want more than one women’s cape wrap for the cold seasons.  Buy a sheer chiffon Ruana for spring/summer wear so you can look amazing in this beach coverup.

They do resemble kimono wraps in some ways an accessory that spells ultimate comfort for spring and summer. Velvet burnt silk Ruana wrap are so elegant for evening wraps and women find them a worthwhile buy for many seasons. The style is great, coverage fantastic, the burnt silk embossed designing artsy and finally women do attain that sleeker look too which they love! Try one today buy from online sites like Yours Elegantly and enjoy evening wraps on sale plus a gift with purchase. Order $50.00 & up ship free in USA and international shipping is affordable and fast. A Better Business Bureau Accredited Business with amazing service!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Most Elegant And Comfortable Evening Shawls For Fall Winter and Spring

Women and Men are crazy about Warm Wool Shawls and Scarves. Silk scarves and Cashmere evening shawls are the latest trend. Nowadays unique designs in scarves and shawls are available so you can look very different and gorgeous. Women like having an evening shawl like no other. Cashmere and Pashmina shawls have created a rave with the ongoing wedding seasons. People prefer to wear Scarves and Shawls for all seasons and especially with their evening dresses so unique shawls, evening wraps with that classy beautiful handcrafting made for you are what women want.

Cashmere Wraps are heavenly in comfort and are very soft. Cashmere Pashminas comes in many different colors of orange, rust green, purple, red, and gold tones. Warm winter wool shawls are often colorful, pure pashminas with paisley weaves are from India and Nepal. The solid colors of cashmere evening shawls complete your wardrobe and keep you luxuriously beautiful, stylish and protected. The wool for these shawls is originally produced in Ladakh region of Indian Administered Jammu & Kashmir by producers who are known as Changpa. These Shawls are mainly known for their warmth and softness. We provide you different types of cashmere shawls on our US Web-Based Online Store.

Some women like silk cashmere shawls, as silk makes the shawls even more lovely in feel and touch and its great for spring time and fall which is cool as these not quite as warm as the cashmere wool shawls that are ideal in 4 ply for winter when its super cold. Beautiful and elegant shawls and wrap in seasonal colors help you stay on trend. Paisley Cashmere Pashmina Shawls from India are trendsetters and have enriched women’s outerwear collection. They are all available retail and wholesale online and stores like Yours Elegantly set a high degree of importance on caring about the customers, the staff help with matching shawls with dresses and the prompt delivery from within the U.S. is a plus point.

Some countries like India use the term cashmere pashmina in an interchangeable manner as it comes from the same mountain Changthangi goats. The silk cashmere pashminas are the most popular ones as evening pashminas and they are light in weight, hypo-allergenic so any skin type can wear it and very comfortable. The demand for these cashmere shawls is most in wedding seasons especially at a sale price online where customarily shawls are more affordable.

There are many different grades of cashmere that can be used in making beautiful evening shawls. Higher the grade finer the yarn. Manufacturers make it in four different grades, Grade A, Grade B, Grade C, and Grade D. Grade A is the most superior. The evening shawls have literally become a fashion trend and all kinds of fashionable Cashmere Pashminas Shawls are now available in the market. Shop online for warm evening shawls and save whilst stocking up to uplift your wardrobe. Buy cashmere wedding shawls, warm wool bridesmaid wraps and cashmere scarves for men to make the occasion delightful and memorable in every way. Shawls are popular as wedding favors pashmina wedding favors are the way to go and many corporations love Cashmere Pashminas for corporate gifts.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Precious Gift From The Land Of Nepal : Cashmere Scarves & Shawls

The cashmere shawl is a woman’s favorite accessory. It has its origins in Nepal. Cashmere Pashmina terms are synonymous in that both yarns come from the same cashmere goat which is found in the foothills of Himalayas. This shed fine wool is woven into exquisite cashmere pashmina shawls and wraps for women. The men love the cashmere scarf in amazing colors and plaid designs. Plush soft protection and a stylish look is assured.

Cashmere is treated as the gold of fine wool – it is light yet warm, easy to carry in your handbag if necessary. It is super soft and perfect for all skin types even ultra -sensitive skin. Women love cashmere shawls for fall and winter when it is cold and crave Cashmere Silk shawls for spring and summer wear when it is slightly cool. Cashmere wool has very good insulating properties coupled with the advantage of not being super heavy like sheep wool. It is very durable too which is a good advantage so your shawls when taken care of well will last many years. Some unique embroidered shawls, paisley cashmere pashmina shawls are passed down generations.

Cashmere shawl can be woven or knit. The woven cashmere shawls have a flat look the knitted show the knitted stitches and women have their own preference on which they wish to buy. Personally I love the woven shawls as they drape beautifully. I do like the plushness of the soft luxurious knit shawls too so I keep a couple of woven and a couple of knit winter shawls for myself and for gifts.

Cashmere is hypoallergenic and hygroscopic in nature. There are grades of cashmere depending on what part of the Himalayan Mountain Goat the yarn came from but no matter the grade cashmere yarn is always soft yet resilient. To protect your cashmere shawls put them in a soft cloth bag away from sunlight and moisture. Dry Cleaning is preferred though a simple hand wash and laying it flat to dry is okay too. 
Cashmere shawls and wraps come in single ply which is very thin, 2 ply cashmere shawls are beautiful for light protection in spring, 3 ply is great for fall weather and 4 ply cashmere shawls are the best winter shawls with just the right warmth and plushness. As the ply increases so does soft feel, warmth, protection and plushness. Women have a choice to buy within their budget the right ply for the season. If you buy cashmere shawls online you may get a discounted sale price as there are low overheads at online stores and so savings do get passed on to the customer.

Cashmere scarves in 4 ply are ideal winter scarves for men and women. Wear a solid cashmere scarf or a plaid one depending on your mood. They are a worthwhile investment especially if you get them on sale as they are great for three seasons namely spring, fall and winter so you get a lot out of it. They make good gifts for men and women for the Holidays and for any special occasion. Buy cashmere shawls wraps scarves retail and wholesale with low minimums for bulk purchases and experience good dedicated support at Yours Elegantly where the staff are friendly and kindhearted and take the time to assist you with care!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Light Evening Shawls Pashminas are a necessity for Spring

Spring is cold or cool depending on where you are located and spring weather necessitates light evening shawls, pashminas that have a blend of silk,  fashionable paisley shawls, and silk evening wraps. Buy pastel light chiffon silk spring shawls in light blue, medium blue, aqua, antique pink, light pink even coral is in. The beautiful marigold and lavender lilac shawls are so en vogue for spring 2018.

Wear shawls in different styles to suit the occasion and snuggle up in it closely depending on the spring weather as sometimes it is cold as in Midwest and North Eastern parts of the U.S. other times there is just a slight breeze as on the west coast and in the southern parts of the U.S. Chiffon silk shawls are so delightful for destination weddings and Pashminas in silken blend with a sheen and fine drape are ideal for wedding favors.

Buy Pashminas for a fashionable elegance, grace, delightful drape and wear them as spring scarves and wraps. Buy on sale for unique gifts for women and wedding favors that will be cherished. Try the netted shawls, fashion paisley shawls, Pashmina wedding favors to drape around the chairs at the wedding for an ethereal touch. Shop for embellished evening wraps, velvet burnt silk shawls and wraps to add splendor to any event or occasion with your beautiful evening dresses and gowns. 
Gift a Birthday gift or anniversary gift and Yours Elegantly will ship it from CT with a small token free gift typically a pair of earrings or a necklace or bracelet – shop the difference where service is paramount. You can buy retail and wholesale shawls and there is such a wide variety including hand crafted unique shawls designed by artists made for you in 2 days. Customers in the U.S. and overseas love the embroidered shawls and artsy silk wraps in many colors and designs. Use the search box on top right of the site Yours Elegantly and search by color example silver shawl, green pashmina shawl etc. That way you get to see the products in colors you want right away. There is also a shop shawls by color tab to help you. In addition you can add on some crystal jewelry, evening bags and cotton tunic tops for your distinctive wardrobe. Orders ship from within the U.S. place an order today and experience a pleasant shopping experience.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Where To Wear Cotton Tunic Tops And How To Care For Them

Cotton tunic tops for women are versatile and can be worn casual chic during the day at work or at home or as beautiful evening tops too. So versatile they make great beach tunics too. They are a best buy for women for spring and summer wear because cotton is a natural fiber and has so many advantages. It is very soft for even super sensitive skin, it is hypoallergenic, has the ability to control moisture, is super comfortable as it is a breathable airy fiber especially for hot summer days and is very durable. So buy affordable cotton tunic tops on sale at Yours Elegantly with just the right touches of hand embroidery. They are preshrunk, machine washable and come is delightful colors and designs.

Where can you wear cotton tunics for women?

To work as they look casual yet chic. They are great for a day out shopping as they are very comfortable. We recommend them whilst traveling by plane or by car so you can relax in them and feel cool and stylish. In spring they make perfect evening tunics with a matching or contrasting fashion scarf. Most of all they are excellent beach tunic cover ups and make you look beautiful.

How to care for cotton tops?

Just a regular machine wash for the cotton tunic kurtis is perfect, normal cycle dry and hang them in your closet or fold them whatever works for you. We suggest when you lay them in the dryer lay them as elongated as possible so they dry wrinkle free and ready to wear.

What do I wear Cotton Tunic Kurti with?

Wear tunics with leggings, casual khakis, cotton pants, trousers, shorts, skirts or as a beach tunic cover up. You can add on a scarf wrap in the evenings for an evening tunic elegance and with some jewelry, an up hairdo and a pair of slip on shoes the evening chic casual look is complete. So buy your summer cotton tunics at deep discounts in many colors and gift one to that special lady who you wish to appreciate. Check out the new arrivals online and place an order free shipping on orders $50 and up all tunics ship from CT USA so shop today and save whilst stocking up on a bunch of colors and styles.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tunic Tops Straight from India to Spread Their Culture

Spring and the sweltering sizzling summer days implies purchasing delicate cotton tunic tops for a cool in vogue look and feel. Also, the days will soon arrive when you just love to wear pieces of clothing which give you comfort and are fundamental for a relieving cool feel in the warmth of summer. It is a flat out need to have women’s cotton tunics from India sold in the USA for your spring summer wear. Sized by American size chart they will give you a decent fit.

Ladies have a tendency to desire cotton tunic tops best as their most beloved piece of clothing in these two warm seasons. Some ladies wear cotton tops year round as nothing else will do on their sensitive skin. High style is a need for some ladies as is comfort.  Most women are always on the go as mothers or pursuing a career and often times both.  The delicate quality cotton Indian tunics in every way satisfies a woman for casual summer beach tunics or for an embellished evening top too. The free tunic fit, the more drawn out length, the touch of designer high-quality hand workmanship, long sleeves and the light airy coverage all join to make this apparel sought after with ladies of all sizes. The petite cherish it and big size tunics are dependably sought after too.

Tunics are so varied in color,  hues, embroidered touches, full sleeves, half sleeves or even sleeveless. You similarly have the benefit of picking the length as they are available in two-three unique lengths. There are short tunics, some are long almost to your knee, and others are hip covering which most ladies adore. These are uncommon in their special style and thus the tunic request is continually on the ascent.

Indian tunic tops for women can be worn as easy going summer tunics even on vacation as beach tunic cover ups. You can add on a pashmina scarf or a spring wrap and you have a night tunic now that looks one of a kind and feels awesome as well. Purchase Indian tunics at a bargain online at U.S web-based store and experience good service and quick delivery. These cotton tunics are a necessity once you buy one you will want more colors as you will feel beautiful, sleeker and confident in these affordable summer tops. Purchase online and save!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Beautiful Spring Shawls are Different Types of Cashmere Pashmina Shawls

Cashmere Pashmina are in demand for spring shawls because they have that perfect combination of light warmth and a fine soft feel and drape around the neck and shoulders. This first collection of shawls is perfect for those who want an eyelash fringe that is delicate and tiny.

The next Cashmere Pashmina wool shawls and wraps are much preferred by those women who seek warmth that is fairly good but not overwhelming. Buy Cashmere Pashmina Shawls for their soft warm touch in the cool spring air - not very large in size at 25” x 71” with a 3” fringe. They are good for slight coverage and as a long stylish scarf too.

We cannot overlook the Designer Wool Paisley Shawls in intricate paisley flowery weaves as they are reversible works of art with a mix of amazing colors and artistic designs to make you look so unique and beautiful. Perfect for day wear and as evening shawl wraps these shawls are one of a kind and on deep discount so try one today for yourself or as a women’s gift that will be remembered.

The next best buy are the embroidered warm shawls made by skilled artisans in India and they ship from CT USA – they are a cut above at an affordable sale price at Yours Elegantly. Try these also in pashmina silk if you want a light scarf wrap. The warm ones are great for spring, fall and winter time too so a must have on sale.

Lastly the original Handcrafted Warm Shawls are just such a great gift idea for special occasions like Birthdays, Weddings, Retirement, Valentines, Easter, Thanks Giving and Holiday gifts. Made for you by designers at the CT site the shawls can be customized too. There is no better way to get a shawl handcrafted to your liking something that is very unique and charming just for you!

So Cashmere Pashmina are a great buy for those seeking soft warmth and cashmere silk is lighter for year round wear so shop the variety of shawls on sale and buy what your heart desires with decent savings and a gift from the store. Enjoy kind and friendly service and have a great shopping experience online or call in for a phone order. A BBBaccredited business that cares! 

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