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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Pashmina Wraps: A Graceful Add On To An Evening Dress

The pashmina wrap is very delicate accessory which is made of Pashm or wool in Persian. This super soft wool is extracted from the Himalayan mountain goats which are only found at very high altitudes. The raw wool is actually the inner hair of those goats as they are the finest and pure raw wool found. Then this wool is woven into solid color shawls and wraps. In India there are many Jamawar wool woven shawls in paisley and flowery weave patterns that have grabbed the attention of fashion designers worldwide.  At present, everyone prefers investing their money in purchasing pashmina wraps and shawls rather than purchasing other textile clothes for the cool fall and winter season. Pashmina are worn in spring too for their light yet protective yarn. The pashmina wool shawls are pricier but the pashmina and silk are more economical.

Yours Elegantly has an amazing collection not only of pashmina wraps and shawls but also of cashmere wraps and shawls, ruana cape wraps, cotton tunics top and much more. Here, all the discussion is about pashmina wraps. Pashmina wraps are very soft and delicate yet they provide an awesome degree of warmth and considered a stylish accessory to wear. At YE, you can purchase all these accessories at wholesale pricing if you need wholesale pashminas for wedding favors or gifts. The retail pricing is 50% -70% off on sale with limited time free shipping in USA. Especially the people of New Milford, CT, USA can purchase shawls, wraps, scarves, cotton tunics tops, evening tops, crystal cubic zirconia jewelry, evening bags and clutch purses at 50 - 70% off with a special gift as Yours Elegantly is a CT based local business but also have a US web-based online store which gives many offers to their customer.  You can even give pashmina shawls as Christmas gift, Birthday gifts, Wedding gifts, Bridesmaids gifts, wedding favors, unique gifts for Valentine's day, anniversary gifts, and corporate wholesale gifts.

You can even purchase cashmere scarves which are for men in fall, winter, and spring season without any hesitation as Yours Elegantly is a BBB accredited business. Just call at 860-355-4184 and get free shipping and a gift with your order as this business cares about its customers. When placing an order online mention “Free scarf” in the notes section on checkout as this is current special. Take your time explore each and every item at YE and purchase one for yourself or for your loved ones.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Are Shawls Worn Mostly For Coverage?

Shawls have been used since past several decades and have made huge strides in terms of yarns, weaves, texture, blend, shape, size and style. However no matter the type of shawl or its content this accessory was and is a woman’s constant companion no matter the season. Shawls are worn for protection against the cold but many women wear shawls for a light cover over their arms, shoulders and that coverage adds confidence in their looks too. So are shawls worn mostly for coverage? The answer to that is yes and no. Shawls are worn for coverage and much more than coverage really - for the warmth, the affinity to the soft feel of the yarn for comfort and for upgrading your wardrobe at a fraction of what it would take to buy new clothing.

Product # 2816  

Women love silk pashmina shawls in spring and summer as well as sheer chiffon silk for the elegant beauty it adds to an evening dress for any special occasion. Shawls add so much pizzazz to your looks that women undeniably feel like they would cherish shawls and wraps as a gift for any season. They rank high on the Holiday gift list and women over 50 seem passionate about warm cashmere shawls for the gentle soft protection it gives to women that may have even ultra - sensitive skin.

Product #1322

When you buy a shawl online as a consumer you eliminate a lot of waste of time and effort especially if you have book marked some shawl sites known for their quality shawls, good selection and great service which every customer wants today. The focus on searching for shawls online is to use the correct search terms a generic term will bring up many sites but a specific search will bring up more appropriate online shopping sites for shawls that suit your needs. For example you can put the word black 4 ply cashmere shawl or white cashmere wedding shawl or affordable pashminas, silver evening wraps etc.… be specific to some extent to get to correct sites online. 

Read customer comments, call in for assistance, you can do a phone order sometimes to test customer service and it’s good to shop online with a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business. That assures you a pleasant shopping experience.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Evolution of Shawls - Yours Elegantly

Shawls were widely represented in works of art and sculpture too and women in all walks of life wore these beautiful shawls in days gone by for their utilitarian purpose and with time shawls became a style symbol with trendy newer designs, colors, weaves, embellishments being evolved by the shawl industries. Shawls hailed primarily from lands like India, Nepal, Inner Mongolia which are known for their beautiful shawls in luxurious cashmere pashmina silk yarns that are the most popular even today. In some of those lands shawls were worn in past as a customary accessory by women and men there.

If we look back on history of shawls from Regency era to end of 1960’s it was the shawl that was the main accessory for women. It ranged from a square to rectangle, triangle and came in many different  fibers and yarns such as lace shawls, chiffon silk, Cashmere Pashmina shawls wherein the quality of yarn and the intricate weaves and designs determine the price.  At one time a rare find hence overly pricy today the market is flooded with these shawls at an affordable sale price in solid colors and designer paisley weaves.

Paisley shawls were mass produced in Paisley Scotland making them an affordable women’s accessory but origins lie in the Kashmir Paisley Pashmina which was at one time was considered a prized treasure reserved for royalty in India. Paisley wool shawls in beautiful weaves of  jamawar are still a rare treat in USA, Canada, U.K. Australia where women seek out these wool paisley shawl in amazing weaves with warmth for fall and winter wear.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

How To Buy A Shawl Wrap Scarf To Match Your Dress

  • A perfectly chosen scarf shawl wrap generally matches your main outfit it is chosen for plus has the advantage of mixing and matching other outfits casual and dressy in your wardrobe. So buy a shawl with good thinking and make it a classic shawl that will have universal appeal with many outfits. Also buy a very unique shawl for the artistry and “rare treasure” component it offers as that will make you look distinctive.
  • If you are picking a women’s wrap for a particular dress or gown, then when buying an evening wrap online keep the dress next to you as that will help make a better buying decision in terms of matching the shawl to the dress. You can even email picture to the online store to make suggestions or narrow down on your couple choices to a best pick. 

 Product No #6318-2
  • Make sure you shop for a season appropriate shawl wrap scarf that matches your unique needs in terms of warmth, style, coverage, yarn and pattern. Color is important you can choose from the various shades of a color which is important to some women.  As a designer let me say do not get stuck on a tone on tone match for the dress especially for hard to match colors like navy.  A two tone inlaid design may work better. Paisley shawls may be a good option in 2 shades of navy and blue. For some solid shawl colors going a shade or so lighter in spring/summer and a shade or more darker in fall and winter makes for an attractive match. Many women wear shawls in silver / gold to match the accessories like shoes, bag and jewelry. Love that! A mix and match of different colors done tastefully works wonders too. 
  •  Quality of shawls and wraps is important to some women others just want the right color or fall in love with a certain pattern. Best to buy from a store that specializes in shawls and wraps so you get the wide selection, many colors, styles, designs, sizes to choose from for an ideal shopping experience. 
  •  Buy a shawl wrap in a size that suits you a standard size is perfect! Some women prefer their chiffon to be a smaller scarf petite off shoulder wrap size others want to cover trouble spots and like wider longer chiffon wraps. Buy what works for you.
In conclusion, shop for shawls online by reading customer comments and buying from a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business as it is a plus as you are assured good service too.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Beautiful Gifts for Women Shawls, Wraps Scarves and More

Women love clothing and shawls wraps scarves, beautiful designer earrings, crystal necklace sets, evening bags in silver and gold that are a must have for women and lovely cotton tunics and tops. Statistically cotton tunics are a woman’s best friend in any season especially spring and summer. However, a shawl wrap is a must have for style, comfort and slight or wide coverage whatever you need depending on the time of year, the look you want and the mood you are in. Women love shawls period!

Seasonal shawls are best gift ideas. Chiffon silk are ideal for spring summer wear. Silk Pashmina shawls are perfect wedding bridal and bridesmaids shawls. Buy designer fashion Pashminas in solid colors/ paisley weaves as they are so in trend year round. Pashmina wool shawls, cashmere wraps are the idea cold weather coverups for women and the soft cashmere against even sensitive skin is so perfect for warmth and great feel.

Women love animal print scarves – fashion shawls wraps scarves with original
handcrafting for a unique one of a kind shawl gift which is the best gift to give a woman you wish to appreciate. An original handcrafted shawl no one else has made in 1 day for a woman you want to cherish – there is no better thoughtful gift than that! Designers at Yours Elegantly love handcrafting beautiful unique designs on handcrafted shawls and can even customize if you wish to tweak the pattern online or change colors. Contact sales@yourselegantly.com or call 860-355-4184 for the pleasant insightful assistance from their friendly staff.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Wholesale Shawls For Wedding Season And Corporate Gift

People love to buy exclusive shawls through online websites at an affordable price. At the online store, customers get different offers and the prices are discounted for retail and further discounted for bulk wholesale shawl orders. Yours Elegantly presents you the most amazing collection of wholesale shawls which covers the beautifully designed cashmere, pashmina as well as silk wraps and scarves also for wedding gifts, Pashmina wedding favors or wholesale cashmere scarves for corporate gift this season for men and women.

Yours Elegantly suggests you purchase wholesale shawls like fashionable affordable pashmina shawls, cashmere shawls in  bulk if there is any wedding occasion within your family. Call them for the good service and assistance you need. Shawls make the perfect wedding gift or can be worn by you on different special occasions. Cashmere and pashmina shawls look just amazingly beautiful and give a luxury touch. These shawls are available in 2 ply, 3 ply, and 4 ply. For the summer season, light silk pashmina shawls are good but for fall and winter season 3 and 4 ply cashmere shawls are considered ideal.

Yours Elegantly offers varieties of color, patterns, shades, and hues to choose. You can purchase them for Christmas gift, Birthday gifts, Wedding gifts, Bridesmaids gifts, wedding favors, unique gifts for Valentine's day, anniversary gifts, corporate wholesale gifts. YE is US web-based online store which also runs their business locally a CT.  Purchasing an accessory from YE gives you the advantage of a great selection of shawls, dedicated customer service and a gift with every purchase. Making a buy from a BBB accredited business will give a pleasant experience of online shopping.

Yours Elegantly provide excellent customer service. For any query, you can email them at sales@yourselegantly.com and even for placing a phone order you can call 860-355-4184. Placing an order online is user friendly and quick. Subscribe to their email list to get their specials, occasional free shipping and coupon code offers.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Cashmere Pashmina Shawls : Latest Fashion Trend For Winter

Cashmere pashmina shawls are ideal for women for the cold season and make good gifts for the Holiday Season.  All women yearn for a soft warmth giving accessory such as Cashmere Pashmina especially on sale for themselves and as Christmas gifts for their family, relatives and friends.

Cashmere Pashmina shawls are made with the blend of pure cashmere and pashmina yarn known for its soft light yet good degree of luxurious warmth. It is good to be used in winter as it is the softest and lightest wool which provides genuine comfort.

Not only cashmere pashmina for women, cashmere scarves for men are also the most popular accessory all around the world. Cashmere scarves which are in 4 ply known to be the softest and warmth giving scarves and Yours Elegantly sells them retail and wholesale. It is worn by many men from many countries where three of the four seasons are cold.

The cashmere pashmina shawls also come in different varieties that are different ply or you can say layers of yarns. And for the winter season, purchasing a higher ply cashmere pashmina shawl that is 4 ply shawl is most preferred. They come in amazing solid colors and also in different patterns which are latest fashion trend of the winter season. They can be given a surprise gift on the occasion of Christmas, Birthday gifts, Wedding gifts, Bridesmaids gifts, wedding favors, unique gifts for Valentine's day, anniversary gifts, corporate wholesale gifts.

Yours Elegantly, is a US web-based online store as well as a CT based local business from where you can easily order your favorite accessories at a great discount. Use the discount codes available and free shipping specials from time to time. Hurry and catch the amazing offers from YE when ordering beautiful cashmere pashmina shawls, ruana cape wraps, pashmina scarves, winter wedding wraps. YE is BBB accredited business which makes it an ideal online store with good service too to ensure you a pleasant shopping experience. Free gift with every purchase to show they care!

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