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Friday, September 22, 2017

Trendy Collection : Cashmere Scarves In Elegant Colors

What is a Fashion scarf? How is it not quite the same as some other scarf? Well ladies see design scarves as "occasional scarves that are in vogue". A few ladies wear light design scarves for spring and summer and warm thicker 4 ply scarves in fall and winter to keep warm. A few ladies couldn't care less for a particular material and henceforth will use to the pursuit term "fashion scarves" to discover stylish scarves that are chic for that specific season. Henceforth you will discover an assortment of scarves in strong and printed magnificence, woven scarves, paisley scarves in a wide range of yarns as well. On the off chance that a lady needs a particular sort of scarf like a pashmina scarf she will enter that inquiry term to purchase Pashminas on the US web-based. So fashion scarves is a more broad term ladies utilize when they don't have a particular sort as a main priority.
Fashion scarves for spring and summer are light, sheer, shiny and delightful in chiffon silk, lace, net metallic beauty for evening scarves and wraps. In winter the wool scarves are popular for their plush warmth and a few ladies cherish beautiful affordable cashmere scarves.

Strong fashion scarves are an absolute necessity have for ladies to upgrade your closet it doesn't make a difference the season or age or event. Exemplary hues in women scarves are an unquestionable requirement so buy  - ivory white, beige, silver,  dark grey, dark green, black brown, orange, purple, burgundy red, light pink, blue, green and turquoise.

The handcrafted shawls and scarves for ladies have refined paisley designs, scrolls, vines, motifs that are seasonal in beauty and style. Handcrafted shawls with elegant winter snowflakes – are best sellers for Holiday scarves and gifts.

The handmade occasional design scarves are a specialty niche market and stores like Yours Elegantly have regular high quality scarves and wraps that are wonderful and truly unique. These make one of a kind gifts for any event particularly wedding and bridesmaids shawls that are certain to be treasured. Cashmere scarves make great wedding favors and affordable corporate bulk gifts. Golf clubs buy cashmere scarves for gifts for guests at their golf events. Leaves a lasting impression.

Look at silk adorned evening scarves and wraps, beautiful scarves with or without fringe in solids and designer elegance to inspire your all season closet at a small amount of the cost. Scarves uplift your wardrobe at a fraction of the price. Ladies buy excellent scarves marked down on sale as they cherish good deals. Wear fashion scarves in many styles and look astounding.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

How to Decide Whether to Buy Cashmere Scarves or Wool Scarves for Winter Wear?

Some consumers debate between the decision to buy cashmere scarves and the option to buy wool scarves and often are confused if they possibly are the same or similar. Most customers have not much of an idea of what cashmere yarn is and how it differs from merino sheep wool yarn for example. Many questions on warmth texture, quality, durability and price come to mind so let’s discuss this for a little clarity.
Product #1763
Origin difference: Cashmere yarn comes from the Capra Hircus Himalayan mountain cashmere goats and merino wool comes from sheep that originated in Portugal and Spain but today abound in Australia and New Zealand. So one is Himalayan cashmere goat hair the other from merino sheep to be accurate. The texture of both these hair are different in many ways and similar in some. They both are a form of wool though cashmere is considered far superior.

The similarity in both yarn is that they are considered very soft and fine in quality.

Hair Yield in a year:  A mountain Cashmere goat gives only 4 ounces of cashmere yarn a year but the merino sheep have to be sheared once a year no matter to prevent issues and they do give much more hair and therefore cashmere is more exclusive and expensive in comparison.

Cleaning and Care: Cashmere being more finer needs handwashing in cool water and no spot cleaning as it affects the yarn adversely. Merino wool can be washed in hot and cold water with spot cleaning never causing issues. This is because merino wool in comparison is sturdier.

Pricing: Luxurious cashmere depending on the grade is much more pricy and merino is more affordable and reasonably priced.

Use of the wool: Merino wool can be used in any clothing nothing is barred, great for clothing , accessories, undergarments, socks, caps, sports garments, it is excellent at keeping the body heat without overheating. Cashmere wool provides better insulation in that though light in weight it is 7-8 times warmer. Its warmth is luxurious and plush when made in to 4 ply shawls and scarves.

Distinctiveness: Clothing and accessories such as cashmere scarves, cashmere shawls wraps have the high distinctive advantage of being very breathable, lightweight with great insulation benefits. Merino wool has the advantage of absorbing the moisture and drying it superfast hence it is often used in ski wear and other winter sports wear clothing. It also contains natural lanolin which is great for its antibacterial properties. The main distinction of the lofty cashmere yarn is its crimp and the higher the crimp the better it can be spun into soft heavenly yarn that has flexibility Cashmere yarn also comes in 3 natural colors which merino yarn does not have. It comes in white, brown and grey whereas merino has to be dyed to the color needed. Of course cashmere wool too takes dyes in many colors and shades which is another advantage for it.

Durability: Merino wool is far more durable it is easy to take on the dye, it is odor absorbent, it is resistant to sun’s UV rays and very durable compared to cashmere. Having said that cashmere has the ability to adjust to high humidity levels in the air and that gives it superiority as it can be used in any climate. It is super soft light and plush and consumers men and women crave for the fine feel of cashmere there is good warmth but never an over heated feeling. The lure of cashmere around the sensitive neck and shoulder areas for cashmere scarves and women’s cashmere shawls is undeniably strong - it is what men and women crave for in their gift list.

Conclusion: Cashmere wool is considered crème de la crème of all winter wool scarves by most people and commands a higher price as it has many advantages even though it is not as durable as merino wool. One does have to remember Merino has so many plus points that it is one of the most popular wools used in any type of clothing/ accessories without restrictions. It is hugely popular and reasonably priced. Cashmere seems to be the luxury yarn that many opt for as they fall in love with it once they wear it. They love its flexibility in particular. Finally do bear in mind there are grades of yarn and plys of yarn that are used to make shawls and wraps. A higher grade or quality of yarn commands a slightly higher price. A ply is a layer of yarn so a 2 ply shawl is warm a 3 ply warmer and a 4 ply is plush warmth that is ideal for winters. Buy your cashmere shawls wraps and scarves on sale online where you will find amazing variety and magnificent colors and designs in scarf wraps to cherish.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Cashmere Scarves Assure You The Right Degree Of Warmth in Winter

Cashmere scarves are needed when you want to experience just the right degree of warmth without feeling over heated or suffocated in warmth at the neckline. Wool scarves especially sheep wool have a diameter of 36 microns so they can be very heavy and overwhelming but cashmere with a diameter of 14-19 microns has that soft divine feel and plush warmth that men and women yearn for. They are perfect for the cool fall season and especially for the cold winter season. Cashmere scarves are very soft, luxurious and give you the right degree of plush warmth in winter.
Product #1744
The cashmere goat is a Capra Hircus and though it is hard to determine the quality of the goat and its offspring most cashmere goats are healthy and good. These goats live at very high altitudes and have under hair so fine and protective for those altitudes that they shed automatically. There is a good distinction between its outer guard hair and its fine under down hair. Any length over 1 1/4th (30 mm) after shearing  is acceptable. After shearing and processing the longer fibers (approx 70mm) go to spinners for making them into cashmere yarn. The shorter fibers (55mm) go to get blended with silk to produce a superior quality woven shawl wrap.

It is noteworthy that a single fleece may contain long and shot fibers. All these have to be well sorted as pricing depends on the grade or quality. Many don’t know this but the more frequent the crimps, the finer spun the yarn will be hence the softer and more plush the finished cashmere scarf product. Crimp in cashmere fiber allows interlocking during processing. Which allows for better spinning into 2 ply or 4 ply yarn which is light but retains the loft and plushness. Loft is tiny air spaces trapped between individual fibers. This loft retains heat making cashmere different from ordinary sheep wool, mohair and man-made fibers.

Cashmere scarves hence are distinctive and a cut above. They are a  worthwhile investment when you buy cashmere scarves on sale online as the overheads of an online business are low so the product pricing is reasonable and consumers get that benefit. Online stores have no limitations in term of physical space and can carry a huge variety and today are known for dedicated service by phone or email. Women and men love shopping for online cashmere scarves shawls and wraps as they can stock up for Holiday gifts and for themselves too. Solid winter scarves in many colors are so in demand and have great worldwide appeal. Most warm scarves are unisex in solid colors and plaid, hounds tooth, stripes and herringbone designs. There are standard size cashmere scarves, big cashmere scarves and long wide ones for the taller folks. So enjoy winter scarves at their best online and save as that enables you to stock up. Buy cashmere scarves retail and wholesale as most sites have a separate wholesale section or better still call them for special discount wholesale pricing and prompt delivery. You will be amazed at the good service you will get from most online sites.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Amazing Men’s Cashmere Scarves On Sale

Buy men’s cashmere scarves online in the comfort of your home, office, at a restaurant whilst sipping on your coffee get your shopping done.

Cashmere scarves on sale / clearance cashmere scarves for men and women are what everyone keeps an eye out for on the internet to get a soft warm winter scarf at an affordable price so the goal is to buy a couple and look great for three seasons. Cashmere scarves are light soft warmth and protective for the cool fall season, cold winter time and of course to brace you from the spring cool air. Is it therefore a worthwhile buy - for sure especially if you buy cashmere scarves on sale online where sellers do not have high margins and choice is huge and service is good with prompt delivery. Look for stores that have some free delivery options coupons codes and gift specials. They are the kind of stores that care about customers. They go the extra mile!

Men’s cashmere scarves are typically warm cashmere wool scarves, offered at a sale price to pass on savings to customers. Many men love the luxurious warmth of high quality cashmere others prefer sheep wool so there is something in terms of winter scarves for all tastes and budgets. Cashmere scarves come in many grades and you can get one that is super pricy or a soft warm medium priced scarf so scour the internet for good deals. Find a place that ships fast, answers questions and has good testimonials.

Men like long wide cashmere scarves and these big cashmere scarves are a blessing for the tall big men who want the longer width and length for their scarves.

The colors in winter scarves that men find fashionable for winter scarves are generally, black, grey, dark grey, dark green, beige, camel, olive, navy, wine, burgundy, red cashmere scarves for the Holidays, white and cream. The various designs like herringbone scarves, winter plaid scarves, hounds tooth scarves are all en vogue year after year as classic designs with a smart touch. They look great for casual and semi - formal scarves for work, day out in town or whilst vacationing winter scarves especially in USA, Europe are a necessity.

These days men like buying online as they too just like women like good service and online scarf shawl sites care to give dedicated service and quick delivery within the USA and worldwide. Dealing with a winter scarves online site based in USA is a plus if you need quick delivery of the scarves in time for an event. At yours elegantly you can buy retail and wholesale and they send you a small gift with purchase a personalized touch to make you smile. They have designers that look for latest scarf trends and stock up for them so shop the small business that strives to please.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Buy Cashmere Scarves Affordable And Reversible

A cashmere scarf is a gift to cherish and women and men love to shop for cashmere scarves online especially when they are on sale so they can stock up for Holiday gifts which is the perfect time to gift a warm soft unisex scarf. Men love cashmere scarves as much as women. People living in urban areas like Seattle, Boston, Connecticut San Francisco, Los Angeles, NY, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Austin, Jacksonville, Charlotte are used to walking downtown oftentimes and need a warm winter scarf over their winter coats. The soft warmth keeps the chill away and keeps you comfortable and cozy. The style of a classy cashmere scarf is eternal as it adds a smart look to your winter clothing.

Cashmere Scarves are very soft, anti-itch, very protective and both men and women love them as they are so appealing and useful. In most parts of the USA, Canada, U.K. Australia and many other parts of Europe three seasons are cool to cold and winter scarves are a big must have. They protect the head, neck, shoulders and chest area and in winter that means less visits to the doctor. So your winter scarves are important essentials and it is a wise decision to wear them and look great as well as feel luxuriously warm and well covered.

The cashmere goats seem to have dwindled in Nepal over time so a lot of the raw material is sent from Inner Mongolia and the Nepal Cashmere Industry weaves amazing cashmere scarves that are popular worldwide. India manufactures beautiful cashmere pashmina and women love to buy it online at a reasonable sale price as women love good deals. Most men do too! They want to stock up on many colors and for gifts.

You can buy warm winter scarves in solid colors, plaid designs, hounds tooth, herringbone and with seasonal motifs handcrafted for you. Some women and men like wool scarves especially those whose skin is not super sensitive and who want bulky super warm winter scarves.

Women who want artistic warm paisley scarves can enjoy the paisley wool scarves at deep discounts with reversible designer elegance on sale so you can stock up and look great and be well protected in fall, winter and spring. Shawl online sites have a huge selection of warm scarves for women and men, you can buy long cashmere scarves if you need a bigger size and choose from so many colors on these unisex winter scarves. Gift some this coming Holiday season or as a birthday or anniversary gift as the scarves are stylish accessories that women and men cherish.

So take your pick of the many yarns of shawls wraps and scarves at Yours Elegantly and enjoy good service and prompt delivery from within the USA with a gift because they care!

Winter Shawls, An Accessory to Get A Perfect Look in Winter

What do decent winter shawls scarf accessory have that makes them exceptional? Authoritatively warmth, a light delicate feel, stylish styling in beautiful seasonal designs, plaid beauty. Winter Shawls Wraps and Scarves puts forth a major style expression in addition to its utilitarian benefit of warmth and protection.
Product #7004
What are the most sought after winter accessories? We did some exploration and reached the determination that a decent winter shawl wrap and scarf would be the "Cashmere" or "Pashmina" and regularly termed a "Cashmere Pashmina" which is a fine mix of both cashmere and pashmina wool which is been sold online retail and wholesale by yours elegantly.

The inquiry at that point strikes a chord why not any winter wool shawl wrap and scarf? The appropriate response is clear -  the Pashmina has assumed control over the Fashion and Style Industry. "Pashmina" is gotten from the Persian word "Pashm" signifying "wool". This Pashmina Wool is a fine, light yet defensive fiber taken from the underbelly of the Himalayan Mountain Goats. The Goats shed their hair and it is then woven by master weavers into brilliant weaves. The Shawls are frequently dyed into beautiful colors and different shades and tints of each color.  The Solid Pashmina are very popular year round. Women love even the shaded or Ombre Pashmina. Throughout the years the Pashmina Industry has developed and started Pashmina varieties to meet the requests of the demanding consumers. Now we have stunning Embroidered Pashmina, Beaded Pashmina, Pashmina Ring Shawl which is so fine it can go through a finger ring. The light and grand delicate Pashmina has assumed control over the Women's Accessory Market in Shawls, Wraps, Stoles, and Scarves. Indeed, even Capes, Ruanas and Ponchos in Pashmina and Cashmere are progressively famous. The thick, stuffy, once in awhile irritated feel "Plain Wool" has been unobtrusively supplanted by its furious rival "Cashmere Pashmina".

The Pashmina Winter Accessories are popular and come in various grades or quality. There are also blends in demand as consumers want this brand name for various seasonal needs. Many Pashmina are utilized for Bridal Wedding and Bridesmaid Shawls and make one of the finest Bridesmaid Gifts. Decent winter shawls would be a Cashmere Pashmina known for its delicate, light brilliant feel and good rich warmth in direct contrast to an itchy sheep wool shawl. So try one on sale today buy Pashmina online to save and stock up on many colors and styles. Be unique and be You!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Paisley Shawls Origin and Popularity Today Worldwide

Beautiful paisley shawls are what women love and is going to be the Fall 2017 trend according to designers at Yours Elegantly. Every woman loves to show her artistic side and the fall season with its colorful leaves and magnificence makes women want to express themselves and look stylish. It is also a cool season so that slightly heavier reversible thicker ply Pashmina and Silk protection is necessary. More mature women prefer Cashmere Pashmina wool shawls in paisley colorful designs or even a solid warm wool shawl for a classy cover up over a day or evening dress.

Paisley shawls come in such a unique and wide variety online at reasonable pricing as online stores do not have very high overheads like brick and mortar stores, so savings are passed on to customers. The service is often very good with quick answers to questions and some stores like Yours Elegantly have a motto “ we strive to delight our customers”. If you call in to match a shawl to your party dress or bridesmaids dresses they will suggest various options over the phone, even email you pictures and details so the choice becomes easy. Great way to shop!

Regarding the origin of the Paisley shawl it is noteworthy that paisley shawls originated from an Indian emperor admiring a beautiful flower in his garden that was the inspiration. It was originally called Boteh or buta meaning flower. Kashmiri paisley shawls started in the 11th century. King Zain-Ul-Abidin (1459-1470) was the pioneer but it was King Akbar (1556-1605) who made it part of the “Khil’at” which means “robes of honor” that were ceremoniously exchanged during a religious or political event, that led to these shawls gaining great prominence. These shawls were highly decorated in paisley designs some of which evolved with time into the intricate style of the  “Jigha” crown insignia jewel used to pin a feather to a courtier’s turban at the time. That later further evolved into the feather shape which is also commonly associated with the paisley design on shawls.

The Paisley Pashmina a Kashmiri shawl was first made from the hair of the Capra Hircus Himalayan Goat that shed its hair, which was then collected and cleaned. Thereafter, using twill tapestry techniques that fine Pashm hair was made into these treasured Pashmina shawls. In late 18th century when the East India British officers were gifted these shawls they carried them to Europe for their families and the shawl was much appreciated in Europe. Napolean’s wide Josephine was completely taken with the beauty of these shawls and buying them in all their heavenly splendor in design and soft feel. Europe was bewitched by the Paisley Pashmina from India.

Europe imported a lot of the paisley shawls but the demand was ever growing which led to entrepreneurs in Paisley Scotland in early nineteenth century  setting up their own manufacturing facility with the early adoption of the jacquard loom to mass produce the shawls to satisfy the high demand in Europe. They used whatever raw material were available so there were silks and wool shawls in paisley designs unitone and two tone later followed by colorful paisleys. They also used  silk and wool in elegant paisley designs and these shawls were affordable for the mass demand compared to the Kashmiri Cashmere Pashmina wool shawls that only a few could afford at the time. Also it was hard to get the raw material - pure pashm yarn from India in bulk quantities to satisfy the huge demand. The original term boteh from India for this pattern now was mass produced in Paisley Scotland and so this shawl was renamed the  “Paisley” shawl.

The crazy demand and spell of paisley shawls broke in 1870’s with break of the Franco - Prussion war but regained strength again around 1904. In the 1960s in hippie era the paisley shawls came back full force as the hippies were fascinated by psychedelic colors and designs. Paisleys were seen on many outerwear items for women and men’s clothing and accessories. Paisley shawls in particular became popular worldwide.

Today as the paisley shawls continue to be popular the designer shawls pattern has evolved into a complicated design of artistry and beauty in India where it originated with artistic designs depicting medallions of paisleys woven together in the middle of the shawl and at borders. Many shawls have elaborate all over rich paisley designs – works of great artisan quality craftsmanship. The design from a boteh or simple sprig of flowers blossomed to a complicated more intricate tear drop design. Later that teardrop design evolved more and was combined with all kinds of artsy flowers like the lotus, dahlia, and iris. Women love the classic Paisley shawls and you can buy them online in Pashmina and silk for spring and summer and in wool for fall and winter.

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